About the Author

“Hello World!” is what I would say if I was a basic computer program, but evidently I’m not. It’s my pleasure to welcome you to my humble blog.  My name is Brian, a first year computer science major and newcomer to the humanities program at the University of California, Irvine.

In this blog, I will focusing on the themes of empires, their impacts, and their ruins, but more specifically, how these themes apply to the world today. As a technology enthusiast with an interest in market structures, I hope to analyze the modern day empires and their impact on the world today whether that be socially, economically, or politically. As of recently, I’ve begun to also take interest in the current events, whether they be social, economic, or political,  and how empires are affected or how they are the impetus of said events.

More specifically, I wish to focus on how certain technologies or devices change how we as a society function and WHY they have such an immense impact upon us.  How do these technologies and devices allow certain companies or groups to grow so large that I consider them an empire? How as consumers are we affected and what role do we have in such an empire? How do we unknowingly contribute to the growth of these empires? And how do past technologies still impact us today?

Hopefully, you’ll tag along in the journey as I answer these questions and explore many more.

Thanks for reading,

~ Brian