Nothing Gold Stays

I remember reading this poem almost 4 years ago, yet it’s something I have realized these last 2 years of my life. Just as Robert Frost says, “Nothing Gold can Stay”.

I remember truly fearing what this class held in store for me, when my friend dragged me into signing up for CHP with her. I didn’t know what Humanities Core was going to be like and I feared that it was just going to be a class with countless readings and essay after essay, and ultimately just GE credit. I admit the countless readings aspect is pretty true, as I’ve spent many hours perusing our assigned readings, fearing that a minute detail may be discussed in lecture or may show up on a midterm or final. Thankfully, that part is over and I’m never going to miss reading long documents that sometimes Professors don’t even discuss.

What I’ll truly miss is what I’ve learned and the Professors that have brought me to this point. The countless concepts that I’ve learned:Orientalism, biopower, gender frontiers, etc, all seemed like just another thing to learn and forget. But through my writings on essays and blogs, I’ve learned that these concepts actually have real world application and reflect our society today. For example, just in my last post several months ago, I talked of Gandhi’s passive resistance and was able to find his ideals being embodied by the protests about gun control. As I looked around me, the concepts and history that I’ve learned from my professors truly had a place in the world and weren’t ‘pointless’ like I had originally thought.

But what I’ve truly enjoyed about Humanities is just exploration involved in blog posts. When I started and I heard that 3 blog posts were mandatory for the first quarter, it really sounded like a hassle. A minimum of 500 words and to formulate a theme for your future writings sounded like nothing but busywork. I still remember when I started writing my first blog post and time flew by as I actually had fun researching things I was interested in. It was truly liberating to incorporate what I’m actually interested into the context of empire and its ruins.

But what’ll stick with me is my new tendency to keep up with the news and how to properly view each source. As I started writing my blog posts in Winter Quarter, I actually had run out of things to write about, so I took to browsing some news sites and seeing what I could find. As I read up on certain stories, I unconsciously began to ask humanistic questions.

How does their conservative stance influence their portrayal of the event? How is my identity as a person affecting my opinion on these stories? How is this a reflection of ethnographic voyeurism? Most importantly, how is technology influencing our society?

The last question has been the main focus on the blog, and I’ve found that technology continues to maintain a hold on not only culture also societies as a whole and both are inevitably linked. If one just looks at our current culture, it’s pretty evident the major impact that technology has had.

Ultimately, I want to keep my ‘humanities lenses’ on as I leave this class with a much more open mind towards people, culture, and society. I have changed the way I think in substantial ways and I hope to utilize my development in Humanities to further my love for technology.



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